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Five Rules to Live By ‘Don’t short – change yourself.’

On my life – long journey to discover and realize ultimate wellness, I have been guided by the following principles. They are my five rules to live a happy, balanced and rich life. Don’t short – change yourself. The success of my 555 Ultimate Family Wellness Plan, and all of my other programs is not premised on […]

CHILDHOOD OBESITY – Are Food Labels The Culprit… Or are we as parents failing our children?

So, after a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge, in the heart of the Poconos, celebrating Emilia and Francesca’s 8th birthday, I am incredibly troubled by what I saw.  Look, we are all born with different shapes, sizes and metabolisms, but what I witnessed on display was America at its most unhealthy!! I’ve never believed in […]

Back to School

First day of School with David's girls

Counting down sleeps is how Emilia and Francesca count down to exciting events. Well, “One more sleep” until they start kindergarten!! They are calm and excited, while I’m quietly “freaking out”!  I’m sure all of you moms and dads out there with kindergarten – bound children can relate to what I’m feeling and going through.  […]