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The key properties in THERMO DELUXE (TM) are as follows:

Fat Burning, Probiotic B420, Full Hydration, Gut Health, Boost Metabolism, High Energy

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Schooled as a lawyer – after practicing for a few years, found my passion and true life’s purpose in fitness and wellness. Sharing my passion for achieving optimal health and well – being has been the bench mark for the David Kirsch philosophy and brand. Spanning over four decades, my methodology is – Ageless, timeless, and excuse – free, helping 100’s of thousands of men, women and children all over the world has been and will be my guiding principle as I look to the future in the fitness/wellness industry.

This Website, represents a passport to the
complete David Kirsch lifestyle, with expert tips, workouts and

28-Day Challenge


DK 28-Day Challenge (Starts June 27)

Your Access Includes

6 BRAND NEW workouts + my restorative stretch / mindset coaching 

4 LIVE Zoom sessions / 4-part health & wellness educational course series (each live session consists of a workout + education on a specific topic + Q&A component)

Private community for education, support, & encouragement

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David Kirsch along with Samira Sine is the co-founder of Just For The Children, an organization dedicated to reimagining the lives of children in an increasingly sedentary, tech-filled world.

It’s true that every time a new device or piece of technology is invented, doomsday scenarios emerge. But never has childhood been exposed to anything that moves at the warp speed of today’s tech-enabled world.

​Just For The Children’s mission is to tackle some of the biggest concerns parents and educators have around the development of these dizzying products, by providing practical, research-based tools, short videos, and advice. We focus on the overall impact of these exciting new products on children, with a greater emphasis on what it does to a child’s overall physical health.

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