Counting down sleeps is how Emilia and Francesca count down to exciting events. Well, “One more sleep” until they start kindergarten!! They are calm and excited, while I’m quietly “freaking out”!  I’m sure all of you moms and dads out there with kindergarten – bound children can relate to what I’m feeling and going through.  I have gone through their clothes closet; bought them new sneakers (“sneakers only” policy this year); and talked to my girls about their new classrooms, teachers and friends.  All that said, I couldn’t get over the fact that they are growing up [too] fast.  Anyway, as I know I’m not alone with these feelings, I thought I’d share my tips for navigating through this week, helping reduce stress and staying energized for the changing and exciting year ahead.

1.  Get up thirty – minutes early every day and try one of my Express® workouts.  I know the thought of getting up well ahead of the sun seems unbearable, but you will learn to relish the quiet time that I refer to as my Zen/ Mind – Body connection time.  This is the time of the day where it is “all about me”.  So take the leap and try it tomorrow morning.  The workout is quick and efficient; super – charged full – body blast that will awaken your body & mind; de – stress you; and help sculpt an enviable body. Whether you have five minutes and complete the circuit once, or repeat it several times, you are sure to see the results – Mind & Body.  For each one of the exercises, I want you to do at least 15 – 20 repetitions.  Here’s one of my favorite Express© circuits:

a.  Plie Toe Squats

b.  Reverse Crossover Lunge

c.  Spiderman Pushups

d.  One – minute plank – On this exercise, I like to challenge myself and see how long I can hold the plank.  As of last week, I was able to hold a plank                     for five minutes.

e.  Thirty – second side plank

Here’s another Express® circuit

  1. Shadow boxing with dumbbells – crossover and uppercuts
  2. Jumping Jacks with alternating shoulder presses and front raises
  3. Burpees
  4. Pike Pushups
  5. Switch Lunges

2.  While you are doing your Express Circuit®, prepare a bowl of steel cut oatmeal, and serve it with cinnamon and fresh berries.  Mom was right; breakfast is a vitally important meal.  It’s the fuel that both you and your children need to start your day on the right foot.  In lieu of coffee, I drink my David Kirsch Energy Blast® – a combination of energy bubbles, lemon vitamin/mineral super juice, and muscle restore.    Additionally, breakfast is a time for you to connect with your child, and help you both prepare for whatever the day has to offer

3.  When I am really in a rush, I make one of my Slim Sculpting Shakes®

 4.  Here are some of my favorite kid – friendly snack recipes for snacks on the “fly”:

a.  Almond butter – banana –flax seed roll – up;

b.  Low – fat hummus with cucumbers, carrots and celery sticks –

¼ cup of 2% Plain Greek Yogurt

1 cup of Garbanzo beans (chick peas)

2 Tbs of fresh Lemon juice

Pinch of fresh ground pepper, salt and cumin

1 small garlic clove minced (optional)

Place in a medium food processor bowl and blend until all ingredients are blended and smooth.

5.  When Emilia, Francesca and I are craving a little fun crunch, these are some of my favorites:

1.  Skinny Pop Popcorn

2.  Simply Sprouted® Way Better Snack Tortilla Chips (all – natural, gluten – free, non-gmo, vegan, low – sodium)

3.  Freeze – Dried Nature’s All Foods® organic fruits (strawberry, banana and raspberry are my girls favorites) (gluten – free, vegan, non-gmo)

4.  Jax Coco® Kidz 100% pure coconut water


There are going to be those days – I had one of those today – when you take some of the stress of the office home with you.  On days like today, I get the girls in the bath and take a few moments to breathe and unwind.  If that’s not enough, I’ll reach for one of my Calming Bubbles®  – which contains among other things 5 – HTP, L-Theanine, GABA and Chromium Picolinate  – for calming/de-stressing, increased focused and appetite suppression.  It is definitely a healthier and tastier alternative to a martini!

Now that I’ve calmed down and the girls are fast asleep, I’m going to attack the New York Times Crossword puzzle and think about how it’s going to feel walking the girls to school tomorrow morning.