30-Minute Jennifer Lopez Workout Is Intense and Intensely Fun!

Popsugar ran this FUN and informative piece on a workout that I use with JLo. “Get ready for your muscles to shake and burn — it’s intense. You can do this workout without equipment, but you can make it more challenging with gliders (or hand towels) and a set of light dumbbells.” Check out the […]

Holiday Fitness Day 5: BACK!

The Holidays can wreak havoc on our fitness routines. You can repeat this 5-part series, use my 5-5-5 program (link at bottom of the page), or mix it up on your own. Either way, it’s important to keep health & wellness as part of your daily routine. Ever wonder why most people don’t stick to […]

Holiday Fitness Day 4: CHEST!

The Holidays can wreak havoc on our fitness routines. Today, feel free to use basic bands, or cables, depending on what you have access to. Remember… no excuses! If you don’t have access to ANY equipment, you can repeat the core series and do come basic pushups.    

Five Rules to Live By ‘Don’t short – change yourself.’

On my life – long journey to discover and realize ultimate wellness, I have been guided by the following principles. They are my five rules to live a happy, balanced and rich life. Don’t short – change yourself. The success of my 555 Ultimate Family Wellness Plan, and all of my other programs is not premised on […]

“32-minute Express Workout With Celebrity Trainer David Kirsch”

Had the chance to train the lovely @GRACEGAVILANES from People Bodies blog. In her words: “We Worked Out with Jennifer Lopez’s Trainer David Kirsch — And You Can Try Her Go-To Routine at Home”. You can read the full article below, as she explains how she “Fell off the fitness bandwagon”, and how workouts like this can […]