On my life – long journey to discover and realize ultimate wellnessI have been guided by the following principles. They are my five rules to live a happy, balanced and rich life.

Don’t short – change yourself. The success of my 555 Ultimate Family Wellness Plan, and all of my other programs is not premised on just a quick – fix weight loss diet plan, it is a wellness/lifestyle guide.

The following rules will help to galvanize your mind and spirit from the inside out, as the exercise and nutrition components of any exercise plan strengthen you from the outside in.

Embrace the following concepts, and you’ll learn how to: Live in the moment; be accountable; learn how to avoid, or at least deal with stressful situations; believe in yourself; and, incorporate healthy living – eating and exercise into your daily routine.

Thrive Global recently published my article on this topic, and i’d like you to quickly read these 5 rules to live by at the link below.