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The key properties in THERMO DELUXE (TM) are as follows:

Fat Burning, Probiotic B420, Full Hydration, Gut Health, Boost Metabolism, High Energy

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“Loved trying Thermo Deluxe! It inspired me to drink more water – and the light and refreshing taste made it an afternoon habit to which I’d look forward. Plus, it’s a healthier pick me up than some of the other things we may reach for when that mid-afternoon slump hits!”

Dr. Darria Long / Founder, TrueveLab

The key properties in THERMO DELUXE ™ are as follows:
Provides key electrolytes Potassium and Magnesium in substantial
Fat Burning
B420 probiotics, EGCG and Caffeine
Boosts Metabolism
Caffeine, Green Tea EGCGs and Chromium.
Energy Boosting
B Vitamins, Magnesium, EGCG and Caffeine
No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners

Clinically studied probiotics & other claims
The below claims are suggested by Dupont that are associated with

Probiotic B420®
Controls waist circumference
Helps reduce calorie intake
Controls body and trunk fat mass

I have added Theanine to help eliminate the jitters in people that are sensitive to Caffeine. They are often used in tandem for the focused energy claims as Theanine helps with some cognitive functions as well.

$89.95 for 30 servings.

In good health and with appreciation
David Kirsch

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