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NY Minute: “Are you eating as healthy as you think you are?”

What to eat, when to eat, how to eat. It’s a topic that could fill 100 videos, but let’s start small. A “bite-sized” chunk. In today’s NY Minute: “Are you eating as healthy as you think you are? – what to eat and when to eat it over the course of the day”


So, Gerry, a 60-something-year-old client of the Madison Square Club, asked me a very important question this morning. I think it goes to the heart of mastering the art of EFFECTIVE workouts, so I thought I would use this for my inaugural blog post “WHEN HAVE YOU REACHED YOUR LIMIT AT THE GYM? IS IT […]

Optimizing Your Workouts

How to Optimize your workout

I’ve spent the better part of a quarter of a century (more than half my life) dedicated to health, fitness and wellness. In that time, the most frequently asked question would have to be: Why isn’t my workout plan working? There isn’t just one simple answer. There are several things that help determine whether your […]

4 Exercises for a Better Bust

David Kirsch Better Bust Square Kate Upton

It’s tank top time! I recently spoke with Seventeen about what it takes to ‘get a better bust.’ Here are 4 great moves to add to your summer routine. Perform them with a 4 lb. medicine ball — 12 repetitions each — to get the lift you want to see. These moves will improve your posture too.       […]