A client came in this morning to train with me and seemed a little “under the weather”.  She confessed to imbibing too much sake last night to which I responded with an incredulous stare.  “But Nobu was celebrating twenty years!”, she exclaimed.  There will always be a reason, an event or someone to celebrate, but the most important person to celebrate is you!  For me, working out is an “honoring process” – it’s the time you take out of your daily routine to solely focus on you.  It’s a time that’s not about your husband, wife, significant other, children or boss.  You can spend as little as ten minutes stretching; performing yoga moves; or even meditating.  I guarantee you will be have more energy and mental clarity.  So, the next time you “raise the glass” for someone, stop and think about yourself.  Don’t let the glass become two, or even three and sabotage your hard earned results from your wellness program.  You’ll see, as my client did this morning, that’s it’s not really worth it! There are those times when a when a good glass of wine tastes and feels right.  Here are some tips that have worked for me and give me that “get up and go” the morning after:

  1. Fuel & hydrate – before I go out to a party or dinner, I try to have a light snack.  I have found that alcohol affects me less when I have a little something in my belly.  I make sure to drink lots of water – at least two glasses for every glass of wine.
  2. Sip and lose – when I’m at a party and I’ve got a glass of wine, I love to walk around the room, take a sip and put the glass down.  Inevitably, the glass gets cleared away and I’m back to drinking water.  Over the years, I have “lost” many glasses of wine this way.
  3. Avoid the “after hours” restaurants or trips to your favorite fast food joint.  You will save a ton of meaningless calories, fat and sodium.
  4. Bedtime drink – drink at least two eight – ounce glasses of water and/or coconut water.  It will help you avert the dreaded hangover the morning after.
  5. The morning after – despite your best efforts, you’ve woken up with a nasty hangover.  You’re not off the hook!  Suck it down – David Kirsch Hangover helper – Energy Bubbles, Vitamin Mineral Super Juice and Muscle Restore.  You are now ready to “Suck it up” and “work out” the alcohol.  You may not go as long, or as intense, but as the workout progresses, you will the feel foggy affects of the night before dissipate.
  6. Do not sweat it out in the steam room or sauna.  It may seem ([or smell] like you’re ridding your body of the last night’s alcohol, but all you’re doing is further dehydrating yourself.

So, – “Raise Your Glass” – to your health and wellness.   Honor yourself and your body.   You’ll be healthier and happier for it.