I have been a fitness and wellness expert for almost twenty-five years. I have always stressed the importance of not only exercise, but sound nutrition and healthy lifestyle as well. My training philosophy is founded in the belief that wellness can only be achieved by having a Sound Mind and a Sound Body. By integrating mind and body in everything we do, we stay vitally connected to our inner self. We are ever mindful of what we eat, how much we move our bodies, and the world around us.

Recently, I was introduced to a contouring cream called NeriumFirm. I was told of its purported benefits – toning, firming, moisturizing and conditioning. Being a Capricorn, I never take things at face value, but I agreed to try the product for two months. I have to honestly say, in two months; I have become a FIRM believer. I have used it religiously – morning and night – and see and feel the difference!! In my professional experience, there have been few products that have excited me as much as NeriumFirm does. THIS PRODUCT IS THE REAL DEAL!!! I have given it to some of my clients who are as excited about the results as I am. Try it and use it on those areas I like to call our “pet peeves” (the areas that we want to tone and firm). To learn more, go to Nerium.com. Used in conjunction with my exclusive Express Workouts®, and following my nutrition advice and tips, you will see and feel a new and improved you in no time!