Hassan zafar, Zaffar Iqbal, Hassan Mughal,
Mzi Mugal

He have different names as mentioned above. he is working as freelancer web developer. He is not developing himself but he hired me as developer.

Since from the 2 years i am developing his websites on monthly basis. Now the point is he is not paying me from the last 3 months and also have some other dues. He gave me many excuses all the time but not paying me.

I don’t know he is working directly to you or with some digital agencies.

My concern is with my payments and now i have no other option to chase him like that so that’s why i am blocking his website those i developed.

You have to contact with him to pay my amount immediately then i will release websites.

Here are some contact Details of Hassan Zafar, Zafar Iqbal, Hassan Mughal, Mzi Mugal:

Note: You should contact to your relate agency or directly to him.