Kirsch Your Workout With My Natural Energy Drink Recipe

Do you want to know how I rev up and power through my workouts?  Here’s my custom, all natural energy drink—a DK pre-workout cocktail that fuels my body and keeps my brain focused on the longest and most grueling of days.

All Natural Energy Drink Recipe:

1 packet of Energy Bubbles®

1 packet of Lemon Vitamin/Mineral Super Juice

1 packet of Muscle Restore® (I’ll take 2, if my muscles are sore from the previous day’s workout)

12 ounces of water



I place them all in a Vitamix Blender® with 12 ounces of water and six to eight ice cubes, then pulse until the ice is crushed.  Do not over-blend, as the drink will get too fizzy (sort of like what happens when you pour a beer too fast and end up with just a glass of foam.)

The DK Energy Boost drink replaces my coffee.  I consume between one and two every day.